Why is this important?

Information about your photographer may or may not be important to you.
Sure, you ought to be able to tell by the quality of their work whether they can technically provide what you need but
what it doesn't necessarily show you is what they are capable of.
When you are trying to capture a specific look, it helps to know a little about the depth of understanding of
design, staging, lighting and creative vision that are wrapped up in the person behind the camera.

Appropriately called a Visual Impact Specialist, Michael has had his hand in almost every type of visual presentation.
This is a brief summary of that journey.

t h e  v i s u a l  j o u r n e y

Raised in a very creative home with limited resources, Michael learned how to be creative and productive on a budget.

Michael was bitten by the fashion bug in college after walking in a few fashion shows and discovering he had a talent for runway and mannequin modeling,

Michael took that interest to the next level as a manager of a modeling agency where he learned the value of working with talent and crew from an insiders perspective.
In 1980, Michael followed his interest in fashion and love for romantic design and launched his own line of women's apparel under the label of Ian (named after Ian Flemming, author of the James Bond series).
Michael's frustration at not being able to get a photographer to capture the look he was going for led to his interest in and pursuit of photography.

Michael's 20+ years experience in the apparel industry from inside a modeling agency to fashion design and fashion photography have opened doors such as being named the "Official Photographer of Style Week Pittsburgh"

Shortly after after launching a small t-shirt design business in 1986, Michael's interest in fashion started to emerge again and before long Exodus Productions was producing several lines of apparel and product filling a 40 page color catalog every season where Michael was responsible for all of the product design, most of the model photography, all of the product photography and all of the the layout and pre-press.

An interest in all types of design has given him the opportunity to work professionally in multiple medias including stage design, lighting design, graphic design, photography and video production.

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